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Merry Christmas to all my followers and especially friends who talk to me on tumblr! 

I’ve only started my jinki-bunny and jinki-fashion blog 2 months ago and it has been a really great experience for me on tumblr so far! (Many thanks to my awesome sister shine-on-new who pulled me into this fandom)

Within these 2 months, I’ve learnt so many new things such as gif-ing, met so many funny and witty people from all over the world, get to chat and interact with you guys to learn more about your countries.. share my experiences, joy and excitement over little things and all things SHINee and Jinki! Sometimes you guys even cheer me up or offer a listening ear when I have a bad day~! This is way beyond what I bargained for when I started my kpop tumblr blog (I started it just to reblog pics I love to keep and I honestly did not expect so many followers). This fandom is awesome really.

Each and every follow, reply, fanmail, ask, like and reblog means a lot to me and I really appreciate all of you! 

Thank you and I love you all! (Even if we do not talk to each other) Please feel free to drop me a message anytime to chat about anything under the sun!

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    Merry christmas!!!
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    Merry Christmas unnie! love yo~
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    thanks girl. Love you too:) Have a Merry Christmas and I hope Santa got you everything on your list!
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