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love your new theme! so onew, much wow. —Anonymous


keke thank you!! xD He is simply irresistible I know! 

sevendiscoballs replied to your post: aishiau said:My name is April and…

I’m a mathematician and i thought everyone here hated math, LET ME LOVE YOU BOTH O(≧▽≦)O

omg cool!! do you major in any particular area? xD 

we need a math fanclub gathering!!! myfriendisafangirl



Taemin’s fans donate to various charities in honor of his birthday

On July 19th, SHINee’s maknae and dancing machine, Taemin turned 22 years old (Korean age), and to commemorate the special day, both Korean and international fans worked together to prepare a special gift.

Various Taemin Fansites (God’s Child, ITAEM, JusTaemin, Kindergarten, Last Fantasy, My Fairy, Nineteen, Real Story, Stairway to Heaven, Taem x Taem, Taemining, Taempo) teamed up to form the fan-union ‘Ilovetaem’. Together, they held a fundraising event to raise money for the less fortunate. The fan-union successfully raised two significant amounts: 7,180,000 won was donated to KBS ‘Love Request’, and 10,000,000 won was donated to UNICEF Korea. Both donations were made under Taemin’s name in honor of his birthday, and the money will be used for the welfare of the less fortunate people.

Fans in Thailand also commemorated Taemin’s Birthday with donations to the less fortunate. They donated to the Thai Red Cross Society: Operation Smile to help kids who suffer from having a cleft-palette.

Source: Ilovetaem, SHINee Thailand
Written by: ibreatheparadox @ shineee.net

Okay guys. Time for some extra information.

Do you know why these Taemin fansites did this in the first place? It’s because last year, Taemin thanked his fans and fansites for all the presents that he received on his birthday. However, he kindly but firmly stated that he didn’t need all of those material things and asked them to use their money to donate to charities instead, who he claimed "needed it more than he did."

This year, those lovely fansites listened to our little Prince’s wish.

Forever proud to be a Shawol.

kindredseoul replied to your post: say 5 nice things…

Stop saying what I’m feeling. I was thinking the same thing…lol. Glad to know the loneliness in this issue is a lie :-)

keke it’s a really sweet message though, helping people to boost their self-esteem plus it’s true that its harder to say what is nice about yourself.. 

haha but i really cant think of anything else so i ended up keeping it in my drafts for over a month and i feel bad about it >< 

Here I'm to say 5 nice things about Rinn ♥ 1. She's cuuute! Guys, she can't said it by myself, aww. 2. Very positive person. Talk to her and you'll smile! 3. Rinn is generous, she have 4 giveaways! FOUR. 4. I bet she's an amazing teacher~ 5. RINN LOVES JINKI THAT WAY JINKI WOULD BE HAPPY TO KNOW. —dearest-galaxy


OMG COME HERE YOU~~~! *pounces* 

you are absolutely the sweetest for doing this!! >< I’m honestly really touched! thank you so so much for making my day~ 

iii. coloring gifs: dark/blue scenes.


okay so a lot of people have been asking how i color dark/blue scenes. you might want to check out part one and two of this gif coloring series but it’s not directly linked to this tutorial, so you can skip it if you like.

you will be needing:

  • photoshop (i use cs5)

Someone shows him a photo of you….and tells him…”you don’t know her yet..but this is your future wife..”


Jonghyun : speechless over your beauty


Taemin : “omo i get to touch a girl?!?”






Onew : "ok WHERE IS SHE" 


this  prompt suggested by anon

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