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So I noticed our Jonghyun almost always has something like this happening in the MVs. Such a passionate singer, isn’t he? Hehe

hi cutie! <3 can I ask you something about SHINee's songs? these 'Evil', 'The Reason', 'Quasimodo' songs makes me curious... whats the meaning behind the lyrics?(or the song is talk about what?) because I'm not really good at translating the lyrics. thanks before! xxxxxx —Anonymous

ahh here are some links with the english lyrics!


The reason


there are also usually videos with eng subs on youtube if you search! i hope this helps! 


Hi, everyone! I hit +1000 followers a while ago and I promised to do my first follow forever, so here we go! I added messages to you, so hover over your url!!

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Please tell me if you think I’ve made a mistake and youthink you should be on the list! Anyway I wanna thank you all for making my dash so enjoyable

wahhh thank you for including and that super sweet message! ^^ I really love your blog too! 


shinee making eye contact with the camera

omg jongie that half smile/ smirk 


I apologize for the messy gif. I was in a rush to do this because I’m so excited to make a shawol happy. I’m hosting a giveaway full of SHINee merchandise!


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myfriendisafangirl replied to your post: cntardisblue replied to your post: Ru…

it’s strange to me that i’m taller than most of my internet friends. your answers are cute! i love that you put neo hahaha

OMG i forgot you are not one of those who tagged me.. I TAG YOU!!!  myfriendisafangirl

keke yes i secretly ship them :P both my fav vixx men XD

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you actually did it haha

haha yes~~ im usually lazy or too busy to do stuff like that.. xD but since so many people tagged.. 

ahh i still have a 6 photo/selfie thingy i have not got around to!

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