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Onew ♥ Lee Jinki ♥ SHINee


Jonghyun black and white photo dedication :) He is so handsome!

The eye contact he makes with the camera: “Lucifer”

o n e w in etude house; requested.

Shabo Adventures

aertiah Asked:
i demand more of Shabo

My answer:

Haha your wish is my command! But I’m getting ready for bed so I can’t insert pics in my reply cos it’s mobile app.. So I’ll post it next! XD good night lovelies~!


"Wow look at these! You must really be crazy over SHINee. Can’t blame you though, they’re cute…ah wait that blonde looks cute.. ooo what about this guy in this photo..hmm.. "


"OMG This one! I like this one!"


Something came in the mail from Japan today~!


Woahhh~ it’s a Danboard!


I shall name you Shabo. Shawol + Danbo = Shabo!

"Danbo Shabo Shabo Shabo Danbo Shabo~"

린 Rinn's 101% SHINee obsession

Esp in love with Dubu Leader
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